Everything you need to know about Surf in Agadir

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Everything you need to know about Aftas Surf Agadir
I’ve never surfed before. I am a complete novice. Can I come for a lesson?
Yes. Aftas Surf lessons are available for the novice all the way through to intermediate surfer. You do not need ANY previous experience and if you have had lessons before that’s ok too.
I don’t know how to swim. Can I still come for a lesson?
No. The minimum requirement is that students are able to swim at least 50m un-assisted in a swimming pool.
I’ve had a few lessons before. I’m comfortable with the basics so can I take a more
advanced lesson?
Yes. If you’ve already learned the basics, our instructors at Aftas Surf i can assess your current level and then help you improve your skills. We can help take your surfing where you want to take it.
What do I need to bring?
A towel, your own swim wear, sun protection, and any medication you may personally require (i.e. inhalers/insulin injections). We provide all your surfing equipment.
What is suitable swim wear?
Any clothing which is designed for marine sports. It should be comfortable, flexible and light weight.
Do I need goggles?
What is Stand Up Paddle (SUP) surfing?
This is a sport using a large surfboard ( 10ft) which you stand on and propel yourself forward using a large paddle.
Do you do Stand Up Paddle board lessons? How much do they cost?
Yes. We teach SUP as private or couples lessons. These lessons do not depend on waves so they can be done any day/time of the week. Just give us a call to book. Private lessons cost € 30 and couples lessons cost € 35 p/person.
Can you fix my surfboard? How much will it cost and how long will it take?
Yes. Aftas Surf offer a repair service. The cost of the repair depends on the damage and varies between each case. The duration of the repair will also depend on the extent of the damage and how busy we are.
I’m new to Agadir and want to know where I can hang out with local surfers?
You will normally find local surfers around the beach during most of the surf season. Whether there are waves or not you’ll see plenty of people at the beach swimming or on Stand Up Paddle boards. Aftas Surf also hold ‘surf socials’ once a month during the surf season. Check the website news page and facebook group for details on the next up coming social.
Do you sell surfboard fins?
Yes. Just give us a call.
Do you give windsurfing lessons?
Yes. Upon request.
My son is 9 years old. Is he eligible for a surf lesson?
Yes. We teach from 6 years and up
Do you do surf birthday parties for children?
Yes. Just send us an email (agadirf@gmail.com) with the following details: Number and age of children, date and time, and any special requests.
When does the season start and finish? How often do you get surf ?
The surf season starts in October and finishes in May with the peak months being December to February. During the peak months you can expect approx 15 days of surf per month. There is an average of 99 days of surf per season.
How Big does the surf get ?
The largest surf recorded in Tamraght was 3.5 meters. Average conditions are 2-3 foot the peak months (December, January, and February) frequently seeing days of 4-5 foot surf.
Do you do surf trips to Imsouane and mirlfer ? How long is the drive and how much does it cost?
Yes! We do trips down to Imsouane and other secret spots during the summer months from May – August. The drive takes 2 hours and the cost varies on each trip depending on numbers. The average cost is about 150 € including food, transport, camping supplies, and surf guiding. See the facebook group and photos page of this website for pictures of previous trips.
Do you sell bodyboards or skimboards?
We sell skimboards but we do not sell bodyboards.
Can I buy a package of surf lessons?
Yes! You can buy a package of 3- 6 progressive lessons at a discount (see lesson page for prices)
Are your instructors fully qualified?
Of Course! All instructors are fully qualified lifeguards certified by the Australian and British Surfing Association (BSA). Safety is our first and foremost priority.
Are there Sharks ?
None that are going to harm you! You will not find any dangerous sharks because the waters are too warm for them.
How cold does the sea get in winter, do I need a wetsuit all year round?
The coldest the water gets in Agadir is about 20 degrees. During the cooler months a wetsuit is recommended. A 3-2mm thickness will keep you very warm whilst some may even prefer just a thermal top. However, most of the year it’s boardies weather.

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